Tips for Choosing Whether to Buy a New or Used Car

A new car is very enticing, with its shiny finish, highly preferred accessories, and the latest in design. You are proud to drive it past friends, family, and neighbors. But, very soon, the new wears off. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new car will prevent your making mistakes.

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One disadvantage is the fact that a new care depreciates as soon as you drive it for the first time. If it is not a business use, you will not be able to claim this as a tax deduction. Many think that since it doesn’t require an immediate cash outlay that it is not important. However, it is a loss of good money you have had to pay for the car. A new car loses about 40% within three years.

One advantage is that when you buy a new car, you are secure in its mechanical shape. You are not getting someone else’s headache. Any faults due to manufacture will be fixed quickly and at no cost, being included under the warranty. Another advantage is the fact that interest rate for new cars is often lower that for a used one. However, look closely, because you are borrowing more money for the new car and may well be paying more actual interest.

Advantages to buying used include the fact that the high first depreciation has been experienced by the first owner. In addition, you enjoy a lower purchase price, lower depreciation rates, lower registration costs, and lower insurance costs. Sales tax is also less because you are paying less. Buying directly from the owner saves you commission as well. Buying from auctions or from consignment sales can mean an even better deal.

There are some downsides to buying a previously owned car, however. Repairs that aren’t under warranty are at a great chance of happening. Maintenance needs increase as the car gets older. You also may not be able to determine the former maintenance of the car. If it was not properly maintained, it may result in major repair expenses.

Newer cars have the latest in safety features. These may be features that you will need to add to a used car. This will be an added expense you will incur.

One option to get new car benefits with used car savings is to buy a demonstration model. These cars are almost new but come with the huge discounts expected from used cars. They have very little use and are almost like new.

Another option to get that new car experience with used car prices is to buy a “certified pre-owned” car. Though they have been previously owned, they undergo an intense inspection and may even be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

The bottom line for making the decision whether to buy a new or used car will be what you can afford. If you do decide to go with a used one, be sure to get it inspected thoroughly. Use an independent inspection service. This is often provided by motoring associations. Be sure to check the legality of the title as well. Though buying from a dealer is a bit higher, it may save in the long term due to the availability of a good warranty.

4 SEO Tips for Auto Dealerships

Traditional advertising channels like radio and television may persist to remain active in this age of internet but more and more brands realize that digital marketing can effectively help them in reaching their target audience. With the continuous rise of this kind of marketing, auto dealerships no longer rely on getting radio and TV spots to advertise their business – they are turning to marketing digitally.

As consumer shopping behaviors are evolving constantly, the number of people who use the internet for purchasing decisions is also increasing.

Auto dealerships need to recognize the benefits of using the digital environment to achieve their goals. Digital marketing includes social media marketing, display advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that can effectively increase the exposure to a business online. To drive more traffic to your auto dealership, it is crucial that you implement an appropriate automotive SEO.

Statistics showed that car buyers browsed the internet for an average of 12 hours looking for their dream cars. As the internet is the top source for car research, you will need to boost your business’ visibility with the help of these SEO tips:

• Optimize your auto dealership website

You have to make a good first impression to your visitors as your site is the first contact point for your customers. You should ensure that it stands out from the sea of competition and ranks high on the search engines.

• Employ Schema mark up to boost SEO.

Adding the Schema code in your website will help search engines and site crawlers to understand your content better. It can help boost the search engine rankings of your website, increase click-through rates, and fuel the knowledge graph of Google. These will result in you having an edge over your competitors.

• Provide relevant content.

Search engines love fresh content that is relevant – there’s no doubt about that. Your SEO efforts should center on making one-of- a-kind, relevant content that will be of value to your customers. It should include info that car enthusiasts would be interested in such as local events, car model launches, neighborhood news, and so on.

• Make your website mobile optimized.

Due to more and more people are purchasing stuff using their mobile devices, it would be beneficial for you if your website is mobile-friendly. It would help you stand above your competition and help people interact with your website easier.

The survival of auto dealerships relies on your SEO efforts. If you are prepared to make the online world know of your automotive business then use these SEO tips. This can be done in-house if you don’t have the budget to hire an SEO company.